Release Notes

Versions 1.9.1, 1.10.1

Tuning Dashboard Component

Type Description
Changed Trial Mode Window - Reduced display frequency.
Changed Trial Mode Window - Changed countdown timer to text with seconds remaining (was an ellipsis).
Changed Trial Mode Window - Changed footer text to make it clear that the window will disappear shortly, and the user may continue without a license.
Fixed Corrected typo in method: getTuningAgression() is now getTuningAggression()
Feature Added method: createCombinedCSV(). Raw PV & CV data can now be saved to a CSV file using scripting (no gui file selection), while retaining millisecond precision (Ignition’s built-in functions, system.dataset.exportCSV & .toCSV, round Dates.)

Versions 1.9.2, 1.10.2

Tuning Dashboard Component

Type Description
Feature Added interpMode property to support using historical pvData and cvData that has been recorded “on change.”
Changed When deadTimeMin = -1, average sample time of pvData is used as a lower limit for dead time. cvData is not used in the calculation. Before this version, when deadTimeMin = -1, the greater of pvData and cvData sample time was used. The new configuration is suitable for data that is only recorded on change, because cv may not change often, so pvData provides a better estimate of the data’s true resolution.
Feature Added confirmAccept property to enable/disable the default confirmation/warning dialog box when new tuning values are accepted. Previously, the warning message could not be disabled. The default value for confirmAccept is true, so this change won’t impact existing projects.